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The augmented reality game 'Ingress' is now available on iOS. The game itself takes computer gamers out of the confines of the bedroom and into the augmented world working for either the 'Resistance', who oppose a trans-dimensional intelligence known as 'Shapers', or the 'Enlightened', who believe that 'Shapers' are here to assist mankind. The objective of the game is to claim portals, which can be located in public areas on GPS intel maps displayed smartphones. The intel maps detail the status of gameplay in any given area and allow communication between players within your own faction.


Once three portals in close proximity have been 'hacked' and claimed by the same faction a triangular field is formed, claiming opposing players caught within the geographical field area and turning them into 'Mind Units'. As each player progresses through this strategic - and ever developing game - their level of ability increases (Level 1 to Level 8), together with their access to more advanced weaponary; otherwise known as 'Resonators'. Whilst the defence of these portals is made possible by the use of 'XMP Bursters'. Players need to physically locate themselves into the field of play to either attack or defend portals; whilst at the same time collecting 'Exotic Matter' (XM) and 'Portal Keys'. Each players success can be greatly assisted by working as part of a team, with a strategy in place.


The game is free to download at


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